The Rains Come

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There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.

-- The Buddha

Thai Tales
The Rains Come

The rains have come so we have made it through the summer (March and April). It dries up again a bit next month then the rains start in earnest for 3-4 months. My favorite time of the year. Air is clean, cloudy a lot, spectacular thunderstorms and green green green. Also bug time. Presently the termites are out having orgies. Our geckos are starting to look like they swallowed golf balls. So many tasty tidbits even the reclusive monster geckos have shown. We have two, both defective. One has finally learned how to make the mating call but his tail is crooked like a coat hanger. The other, which looks reasonably normal (for a reptile with a head almost as large is it's 8 inch long body) but it's noise department is still a series of gacks and grops, competing with a zillion different bird calls, night and day.

We have the perfect cat. A, he isn't ours. He just hangs out here and we feed him when he whines too much. B, he is used to being petted by foot. Stomp him, squish him down and roll him around. He loves it. Doesn't understand hands at all. When he wants attention he tries to get under your foot.

Thai Tales
Thai Tales (Reload page for more pictures.)

Thai Tales
Thai Tales (Reload page for more pictures.)

Thai Tales
Thai Tales (Reload page for more pictures.)