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There is only one time when it is essential to awaken. That time is now.

-- The Buddha

Ancient Buddha
Ancient Buddha

Yunee and I are teaching English at a local Wat. Yunee is surprisingly good. My teaching is generally restricted to discussing aspects of Buddhism with the monk. It is very weird. Most of the terminology I know is Sanskrit whereas Thailand speaks a derivative of Pali. Some words are the same, some similar. I am learning, getting a better understanding of some things.

Theraveda Buddhism chose to be in the Pali language while Mahayana chose Sanskrit. Learning this in turn gave me a deeper understanding of the two schools/aspects. Theraveda Buddhism, rote repetition of Buddhas exact words tends towards 'lip service' without thinking of what one is saying. Mahayana lends itself to discussion, digression, and rationalizing which does not lend itself to the mindset of quieting ones thoughts. Theraveda is in a way, or can be, much like modern day kristians. Think superficial, never challenge anything, just accept and repeat what you are told. Mahayana's pitfall is doing what I am doing now, talking about it rather than taking it to heart where words are not required. A nice paradox.

Thai Tales
Thai Tales (Reload page for more pictures.)

Thai Tales
Thai Tales (Reload page for more pictures.)

Thai Tales
Thai Tales (Reload page for more pictures.)